Pilot’s Profile
Not only flying skills matter in order to be selected, personality is essential, too. Till Gottbrath, NOVA PR manager and responsible for the team, explains: “The pilots should fit with the brand. NOVA stands for XC flying, outstanding performance, a passion for paragliding and values such as openness, honesty, amicability and reliability. NOVA team pilots ideally represent these values and act as role models. That means, if you are going to meet a pilot with the NOVA PILOTS TEAM logo on the apparel or the wing, you may well expect him/her to answer your questions regarding house thermal, local wind system, or dangers.”

As you can see, we are already more than 50 pilots. So we have to say honestly: chances to be accepted are rather low. We don’t want to blow up the team too much because we are afraid that it will loose the “family feeling”.


Nevertheless, you can give it a try and apply. Tell us about your attitude towards paragliding, about your personality, what you think about NOVA as brand and why we should pick exactly YOU for the NOVA PILOTS TEAM. However, if it is only your intention to get discount on your new wing and if you want to change teams again next year, we ask you not to apply! One of our values is continuity. To cut along story short: We are looking for good pilots in the long run.

The best chances at the moment have applications from Brasil, Czechia, France, Poland, Russia, or Spain, but also female and junior pilots (maximum age 22 years).If you like this vision and if you want to be part of it, we look forward to receiving your informal application. Just mail .