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Pink is back! 25 years NOVA (02.04.2014)
NOVA International Retro outside, ultra-modern inside: A special-edition "NOVA 25th anniversary" Mentor 3.


25 years ago NOVA was launched with its bright pink, yellow tipped home sewn CXC. A quarter of a century later, we want to celebrate our birthday in the spirit of these wild bygone days and we are releasing the Pinky - a homage to its famous forefathers with a pink sail and the legendary yellow NOVA stabilos, but which includes all our acquired knowledge of 25 years of glider design. A limited edition of 25 Mentor 3s and Ion 3s can now be ordered from your NOVA dealer. But you have to be quick! Orders must be received by April 17th (delivery date: mid to end of May) and the series is strictly limited. The early bird gets the worm!

NOVA Innovative Performance Paragliders since 1989

More pictures of Pinky!

Out now: The NOVEA Påråglyder (01.04.2014)

”We are revolutionising the paragliding market!” says the Tyrolean Paraglider manufacturer Nova with confidence – they are challenging the high price of wings with their new Påråglyder. It will be launched under the new brand NOVEA and is the result of close cooperation with a Swedish furniture manufacturer.

More about the revolutionary NOVEA!

"A lot more is possible in paraglider development!" (04.03.2014)

Philipp has been part of the Nova core team for five years.

A few days ago Philipp Medicus took over as the manager of the design team at NOVA. According to him, ‘performance’ is about a lot more than just glide.

We met him for an interview, you can read it here.

Meet Toni at the Stubai Cup! (03.03.2014)

Toni Bender is waiting for you with a bus full of wings.

The 23rd Stubai Cup will start on Friday, the 7th March and of course NOVA will be there. From 11am, Toni Bender will be waiting for you at the Elfer landing field (Neustift in the Stubaital) with a bus absolutely full of demo gliders. This year’s highlight is the Ion 3 (EN-B): An outstanding wing in its class which offers performance for all. Try it and see the advantages of the Ion3 for yourself!

More on the Stubai Cup!

Philipp Medicus is our new chief designer (28.02.2014)

Philipp Medicus is our new chief designer. He is a qualified engineer, who discovered paragliding through flying sail planes. For the last five years he has been working as a designer and test pilot for Nova. Philipp takes over from Hannes Papesh who is leaving our company, but he will remain a Nova share holder.

The 33 year old Medicus was deeply involved in the design of the successful Mentor 2, Mentor 3 and Prion 2  – our newest wing, the Ion 3, is completely his own development. We therefore know that our design and development is in good hands.

The revolution has triumphed! (30.01.2014)

Performance for All! This was the goal that we pursued in the development of ion 3. From now on it is ready for action! Ask your Nova dealer for a test flight!

More about Our new EN-B wing on the product page: ION 3 Performance for All